Adhesives + Tapes

    Looking for a super wig glue to keep up with your active lifestyle? Our lace wig glue is designed to provide extra strong hold for long-lasting wear with your flawless lace front wig. Shop adhesive glue and wig tape.

    PRO Adhesive (PRE-ORDER)



      Get a flawless wig install with the game-changing PRO Adhesive! Say goodbye to touchups every 2 days and get an indestructible hold for up to 2 weeks, even with water and sweat! Whether...

    Waterproof Lace Tape

    Beginner friendly + No drying


    Our double-sided Waterproof Lace Tape is flexible yet strong! Formulated for maximum wear, this tape provides a 1-2 week hold with proper application. Best known to extend the hold of...

    Supreme Series

    Humidity & Sweat Resistant + No Sliding Back + Fast Drying (1+ week hold)


    Introducing SUPREME Series, a must-have product trio for wig newbies that's 10x faster than the leading adhesive!  ✅ Humidity-resistant formula: Withstands high temperature environments without lifting ✅ No embarrassing white film:...

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