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    PRO Adhesive (PRE-ORDER)



      Get a flawless wig install with the game-changing PRO Adhesive! Say goodbye to touchups every 2 days and get an indestructible hold for up to 2 weeks, even with water and sweat! Whether...

    Waterproof Lace Tape

    Beginner friendly + No drying


    Our double-sided Waterproof Lace Tape is flexible yet strong! Formulated for maximum wear, this tape provides a 1-2 week hold with proper application. Best known to extend the hold of...

    PRO Dissolve

    100% Natural + Adhesive Remover + Promotes Healthy Edges


    A luxurious multi-use organic oil blend, Pro dissolve lace glue remover gently removes all adhesive residue from your skin without damaging your natural hair. Perfectly paired with PRO Adhesive, This...

    PRO Release

    Fast acting + Detaches lace + Adhesive remover


    PRO Release allows for a quick and hassle-free removal of your lace unit. Paired perfectly with PRO Adhesive, this remover detaches the lace in under two minutes and cleans adhesive...

    Supreme Series

    Humidity & Sweat Resistant + No Sliding Back + Fast Drying (1+ week hold)


    Introducing SUPREME Series, a must-have product trio for wig newbies that's 10x faster than the leading adhesive!  ✅ Humidity-resistant formula: Withstands high temperature environments without lifting ✅ No embarrassing white film:...

    Mystery Gift!


    Want some extra goodies with your order? We'll send you a surprise product(s) that amount to $25! P.S. This can also be un-released products 😉

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