You have an active lifestyle. Whether it's working out at the gym, doing yoga, running with your dog, or dancing the night away at your favorite club, you’re out there living life to the fullest. We applaud you and your efforts to be the best version of yourself by doing all the things you love to do. Ideally, your gorgeous wigs and hairpieces need to keep up with you, right?

It’s possible like never before with Quality Finesse. We make waterproof, sweat proof wig care and adhesive products for extended hold. The right lace wig glue can make it easy to wear your wig no matter what the day may bring.

Can You Wear a Wig While Swimming?

The answer is a simple yes. Of course, you can! With the right prep and aftercare you can wear your wig swimming. But how do you avoid the wig falling off? Let's take a deeper dive.

How to Prepare Your Lace Wig Before Swimming

There are some steps you need to take to get your lace front wig ready for a day at the pool.

Invest in a Synthetic Wig

First of all, make sure that you are using a synthetic wig and not a natural hair or human hair one. The wig shouldn’t be the best one that you own which you love to wear all the time. Have a wig specifically for the swimming pool.

The big problem is the water, or more specifically what’s in the water. The chlorine and sea salt are naturally going to be harsh on the hair fibers of your full lace wig drying them out over time. Buy a less expensive wig that you don’t mind wearing to the pool and beach because it’s not going to last as long. Do not swim in your best and most expensive wig. It’s just not worth it.

Test Out Your Wig Glue at Home

By testing out your wig glue on your lace front wig before going swimming at home, you can better understand how it will react in the water. Fill up your bathtub at home or turn on your shower after applying your waterproof wig glue, like our Quality Finesse PRO Adhesive. Then just step in, and get it wet, like you would at the swimming pool or beach. You can check out its placement in the bathroom mirror to make sure it’s not moving around on your scalp.

Prep with Leave-In Conditioner

Before going for a swim, it’s important to prepare synthetic hair. This is where a great leave-in conditioner comes into play. All you have to do is apply it to the strands from root to tip and brush through. This will allow the wig to soak up less of the water and chlorine since it’s going to have a good layer of conditioner on it that acts as a barrier. A leave-in conditioning spray is the easier way to apply this type of product to a wig. That way you can make sure it’s getting a layer all over the entire wig in even sprays.

Detangle Your Wig

Get all the tangles and knots out before you go swimming, which will make it less likely to tangle up when you’re at the pool all day. It will make caring for the wig after you swim easier as well.

Secure in an Updo

You can also use an elastic band to secure the wig into a fun top-knot or ponytail style. This will keep it in an attractive style that looks great at the pool or beach. Or try a beachy braid style that runs down your back or a side braid. Either one will look beautiful on you and keep your hair in a more manageable style while enjoying the outdoors in high temperatures. You don't have to rely on a swimming cap, which isn't a great natural look.

Use Waterproof Lace Tape or Wig Glue

Above all, it’s vital that you use waterproof lace tape or wig glue for your wig at the pool. Our highest quality Waterproof Lace Tape is beginner friendly and has a flexible, strong hold.

We offer two different types of waterproof wig glue, which we’ll talk about again in a minute. First, let’s go over how to care for your wig right after swimming.

How to Care for You Lace Wig After Swimming

Remove Your Wig

After your pool day is over, and you’re back at home, the first thing you want to do is use a proper wig remover. Our PRO Release adhesive remover spray is going to quickly dissolve the wig glue and is safe on your skin. It only takes a couple of minutes to work, and you can use it to get any residual glue off of your lace front wig. You won’t have to tug or pull on your hair or scalp. Plus, it keeps your natural hair healthy especially around the delicate edges. Here are the steps to using the Pro Release adhesive remover spray.

  • Spray on the hairline
  • Gently rub it in
  • Allow it to set for two minutes
  • As it detaches, lift up on it slowly
  • Reapply if needed

It’s just that easy to use the PRO Release glue remover spray to get all of the glue off of your skin and the wig, without any hair loss.

Wash and Rinse Your Wig Well

The next step you want to take is to wash and rinse your wig as soon as possible. This will remove the harsh chlorinated water, pool chemicals or sea salt water residue from the beach that is on the hair fibers. You don’t want this water and residue to sit on your wig overnight. Taking the time to wash with proper care for it properly will allow the hair wig to last much longer for you, looking great.

Best Lace Wig Tape Adhesive for Swimming

Using the best waterproof lace tap and wig glue that we offer at Quality Finesse will keep that lace front wig in place all day long at the pool. When swimming, having a sweatproof and waterproof tape adhesive is the only way to go for a natural appearance. You don’t want to end up having to stay out of the pool while everyone else is enjoying that glorious water.

Waterproof Lace Tape

This waterproof adhesive, double-sided lace tape is a simple method to keep your lace front wig in place while swimming. This type of tape is formulated for maximum wear. You can even keep this wig on with the lace tape for one to two weeks, when it’s properly applied. Plus, it really holds on well at the nape of the neck. No lifting is allowed here!

PRO Adhesive

With an extended hold for waterproof glue that is also sweatproof, this PRO Adhesive is meant for experienced wig wearers. It dries clear, so you don’t have to worry about any white or unsightly residue. As a durable formula, it’s even good for people with oily skin. This adhesive will stay put in even the hottest climates where swimming is a must-do activity on any vacation agenda.

PRO Adhesive XL

The PRO Adhesive XL is the larger size of our PRO Adhesive and gives a secure hold. It’s an extended two-week hold that won’t budge no matter what kind of activities you are doing. You can use up to three layers of hold with this product. Just allow each layer to dry before applying another one. It’s truly the most effective way to keep a lace front wig in place day after day.

Have More Questions?

So are you ready to have the best possible experience wearing your wig while swimming this summer? If you have any questions about any of the Quality Finesse products, especially the adhesives we offer that are waterproof and sweatproof, give us a call or send us a message today.

Our team of experts is more than happy to make sure that your wig-wearing experience is the best it can be. After all, we believe that beautiful hairpieces can enhance your quality of life allowing you to live it to the fullest. We’re happy to be a part of that journey.