Getting wig glue out of your hair and scalp can sometimes be a difficult process. That’s why having the right tools and techniques will make the process a whole lot easier. The last thing you want is to damage those edges or hurt your skin in any way. Having a lace wig glue removal product that promotes healthy hair growth, while being safe for your skin is the only way to go.


What Happens If You Get Wig Glue In Your Hair?

When you leave glue on your hair without removing it, it can cause temporary or permanent damage to your hair and scalp. Wig glue can dry out your hair, cause an allergic reaction on your scalp, block your hair follicles or stop hair growth.

What You’ll Need

When glue is on your natural hair, the process is relatively the same as removing glue from your hair system. There are a few products you’ll need on hand:

  • Adhesive remover or remover spray
  • Small brush, wide-toothed comb, soft toothbrush, or spoolie (lash wand)
  • Soft cloth or washcloth
  • Shampoo and conditioner for aftercare

Some people use different homemade concoctions like coconut oil, olive oil, isopropyl alcohol, Vaseline, or water and baking soda, but the best way to truly remove wig glue is with a specific adhesive remover. The wrong product or something homemade can rip out your edges or cause hair loss.

Lux 2 PRO Release is a fast acting wig glue remover formulated to be gentle on the hair and scalp to protect your beautiful edges. This product won’t tug on edges and quickly cleans up glue residue fro seamless removal.

PRO Release is an organic oil-based product that completely removes any extra adhesive from your skin without hurting your natural hairline and healthy scalp. Plus, this product even helps to promote healthy hair growth. It’s great for all skin types as well, including dry, oily, or sensitive skin.

Make the entire process so much easier with our PRO Series Set for application and removal. It has lace front wig glue, both removal products, a special skin protector, and an adhesive removal spatula which is a small two-sided comb and brush that will help with removal.

How to Remove Glue From Your Hair or Hair System

1. Apply Remover to the Affected Area

The first step is to generously spray or use oil remover onto the glue residue area. Allow the remover to sit for a couple of minutes to dissolve the glue. If it’s still hard to remove the glue from the skin, you may need to reapply.


2. Let the Remover Sit

Allow the lace glue remover to sit for five to ten minutes. Once it comes into contact with the hair glue adhesive, it’s going to absorb into it, making the glue feel gummy.


3. Wipe Adhesive Off

Once the glue is gummy to the touch, wipe the adhesive off and gently brush out the excess glue pieces from the edges and scalp. It may take some time to completely remove all the adhesive, but with Quality Finesse products, it’s a gentle process that will get the glue completely off.


4. Use Adhesive Remover to Get the Glue Off Skin

Take an oil-based remover and apply a generous amount around the hairline with your fingertips or a cotton ball, getting all of the glue residue to absorb it.


5. Clean the Skin with Warm Water

Once all the glue is removed, it’s time to wash your face with a facial cleanser and warm water to make sure all the lace glue removers are off of your skin.


6. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

The final step is to shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would on your wash days. This is an important step, especially if you plan on reapplying another hair system. A clean face, hair, and scalp are going to make any future wig application last much longer.


How to Safely Apply Wig Glue - Without Getting It On Your Hairline


Do a Skin Test

Before you use any product, it’s important to do a skin patch test to make sure you don’t have any allergies to the product. This is a basic step that you should take with all of your hair and skincare products. This is especially vital if you have skin issues or have had trouble with certain cosmetic products in the past with a sensitive scalp. The best place to do a patch test is on the inside of your arm or wrist. Apply the product to about a quarter-size spot on the skin. Wait a few minutes to see if any redness, irritation, or allergic reaction develops.


Tie Your Hair Back

It’s helpful when applying a lace front wig to tie the hair back with a bobby pin or clip while you are applying glue. That way, none of the pretty strands will accidentally end up with glue on them, and you’ll be able to clearly see your hairline.


Make Sure Your Wig Cap Fully Covers the Hairline

Cover as much of your edges as possible to avoid getting glue in them. If you need more coverage than that, explore the bald cap method for full coverage.


Start with a Thin Layer at the Edge of Your Wig Cap

Use a spatula to spread a thin, even layer along your skin. You can practice applying the adhesive on your skin so you have a feel for how to control it.


Wait for the Wig Glue to Dry Completely

Sticky glue = not ready.


Be Patient

Be patient throughout the process. It does take some time to apply and remove a lace front wig. The last thing you want to do is yank on that wig, damaging your skin and edges in the process. Be careful and gentle with the routine of removal. You’ll be glad you did!


Wash Your Wig

Not only do you have to take care of your natural hair and skin, but it’s time to give that treasured lace front wig some love. That means washing and conditioning your wig to get all the residue glue off of the lace and make sure the hair is properly cared for. The goal is to make sure the wig is cared for the right way so you can use it again and again. You want your hair system, which you probably have spent a bit of money on, to remain beautiful and in good shape for you.


Explore Quality Finesse Glue Remover Products

Now that you have the tools and best practices for a lace front wig removal, if you have any more questions or are new to the process, give us a call at Quality Finesse. We are more than happy to share our tips and tricks for any part of the application or removal process, so your wig unit is the best it can be for you. After all, you deserve to look exactly like the queen that you are.